Provides a brief overview of pasteurization and an extensive list of online resources, including educational items, listserves, and reports.


AGRICOLA - Journal Article Citations on Pasteurization

USDA. National Agricultural Library.

Searchable database that provides article citations on pasteurization.

Books and Materials on Pasteurization in the NAL Catalog (AGRICOLA)

USDA. National Agricultural Library.

Searchable database listing various materials available for research on pasteurization.

Early Developments in the American Dairy Industry

USDA. NAL. Rare and Special Collections.

Overview of the early history of the American Dairy Industry, the USDA contributions to dairying, the dairy division, research in the private sector and the Bureau of Dairy Industry.

Pasteurization: Definition and Methods

International Dairy Foods Association.

Defines pasteurization and the methods behind the process. Includes information on temperature, time and pasteurization type.

PubMED Journal Citations on Pasteurization

DHHS. NIH. National Library of Medicine.

Searchable database identifying journal citations related to the process of pasteurization.

Raw Milk Fact Sheet (PDF | 8 KB)

National Dairy Council.

Raw milk is known to contain several pathogens that can cause illnesses that are life-threatening. The process of milk pasteurization is recommended in this publication as it discusses laws and nutritional value and safety in detail.

Raw Milk Outbreak Table (PDF | 197 KB)

Kansas State University. International Food Safety Network.

Outbreaks associated with unpasteurized milk or cheese are reported in table format categorized by year, location, details and references. This source is based on Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports up to the year of 2008.