About the Research Projects Database

The Research Projects Database provides more than 8,500 records and is free, public, and easy-to-use. Each project includes title, objective, principal investigator, funding agency, start and end dates, reports and publications, if available, and more. The food safety research database is an ongoing effort to provide users with research information through the cooperation of U.S. and International governmental agencies as well as private and non-governmental organizations.

Submitting Research Project Information

To submit food safety research project information for inclusion in the Food Safety Research Database,
please contact FSRIO using the Ask a Question Form

Review the database fields for more detail. Please supply as much information as possible.

NAL Agricultural Thesaurus

The research projects are assigned key words based on the Agricultural Thesaurus's controlled vocabulary. At this time, the Agricultural Thesaurus is not integrated with the search. Users may need to visit the thesaurus to find the proper key word to use while searching the FSRIO database. Go to the Agricultural Thesaurus

The following is an example of the controlled vocabulary and how it is used to index projects.

Example: A user types in the Key Word box "E. coli". The search result is zero (0). Why? The Agricultural Thesaurus does not allow for the use of "E. coli". Instead, it suggests that "Escherichia coli" be used as the key word to index projects describing research in this particular food safety topic.

Fields used in the Database

        • Agency - the organization funding the research project; it can be a federal or state agency, educational institution, or private entity
        • Title - research project title
        • Number - project number as given by the funding agency
        • Project type - describes the project funding such as a grant, cooperative agreement, private, or appropriated funds
        • Start Date - research project expected start date
        • End date - research project expected end date
        • Objective - purpose of the research project
        • More Information - miscellaneous research project information, funding (actual dollar amount) or any other material that was obtained about the project
        • Annual Reports - project reports
        • Cooperators - other organizations, agencies or institutions that are collaborating in the research effort
        • Project PI - name of the principal investigator for the project or the designated contact
        • Publications - published articles related to the research project